Looking for the Right Moving Company in Gilbert?

Selecting a Moving Company


Licensed Company

Check with the Arizona Corporation Commission (click here) Az Corp. Commission to insure that the company is licensed to conduct business in Arizona.  We are listed under Midas Storage and Moving Corp.

Customer Service

Are you talking to an experienced representative or some guy on a cell phone?   This can make the difference between making sure the arrangements for your move are accurate.  This is simple to determine, are you being asked intelligent relevant questions about your items furniture and conditions or are you simply being quoted an hourly rate?

Professional Full-Time Movers

Does the company use trained full-time professional movers or do they utilize labor pool personnel and/or day laborers? Selecting A Moving Company

Scheduled Time Of Arrival

Will you receive a start time with a one hour window of arrival for the movers or a simple: “we’ll be there sometime in the morning.”


Established, reputable moving companies have effective advertising and marketing programs in place.  They do not need to use “brokers.”  Brokers are merely “middlemen” who provide customer leads and collect fees from the moving company for those leads.  This translates into increased costs for the customer.    Many times when a customer schedules services through a broker the customer does not even know what moving company will be providing the service.  Simply put, the best moving companies do not utilize brokers.  In this way they can provide good service at reasonable rates.  Most importantly, you will know exactly whom you are dealing with and who will arrive at your door to provide service for you.

Before You Hire

  • Investigate the moving company before signing a contract. Check records with the Better Business Bureau ( www.bbb.org ), look for lawsuits in justice courts (in Maricopa County: www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/docket/JusticeCourtCases/Index.asp), check online consumer reviews.
  • Don’t hire a mover who requires a down payment or who requires cash payment.
  • Ask for the exact price in writing: make sure you get a written statement ahead of time detailing charges. Don’t hire anyone who refuses.
  • Ask about the company’s insurance and repair/replacement policy.
  • Have someone present when your goods are picked up and delivered.
  • Go over items as they are delivered. Document missing items and note damage.
  • If a moving company is attempting to withhold delivery, call Arizona Department of Weights and Measures at 602-771-4920.