Cross Country Moving Services

Out of State Moves

If you’re currently residing in the Phoenix area but are preparing to relocate out of state, contact Midas Moving to hire the best long distance movers around. Cross-country moves, or even moves to just one state over, can be stressful when you’re packing and moving all of your belongings by yourself. Let our state to state movers help you and make the process easier and more enjoyable! We are experienced out of state movers, meaning that we can professionally pack your belongings in preparation for a long trip and we will confidently and safely transport your goods to your new home, no matter how near or far it is. Cross-country moving can be time consuming, but your local inter-state movers are here to help! We will give you a general estimate of what it will cost to hire us as your long distance movers, and once you’ve confirmed that our quote is within your budget, we will do an in-home evaluation and confirm the final details of your move. You will then be given a guaranteed price quote, which will be the exact amount you will be charged if you select us to be your out of state movers. We are local and coast-to-coast movers, so no state is too far away for our team to move you to! Our staff is full of professional movers who want to give you the best moving experience possible, so give us a call whenever you’re ready to hire long distance movers.

Out of State Moves

Pricing starts with a 26-28 ft truck

Phoenix to the Southwest
(Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas & Albuquerque)

Moves $3000.00 and up

Phoenix to The Bay Area
(San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Reno)

Moves $5500.00 and up

Phoenix to The Pacific Northwest
(Portland and Seattle)

Moves $8500.00 and up

Phoenix to Texas & Oklahoma
(Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City)

Moves $6500.00 and up

Phoenix to Mountain States
(Denver and Salt Lake City)

Moves $6000.00

Phoenix to the Great Lakes
(Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Minneapolis) 

Moves $9900.00 and up

Phoenix to the Carolinas 
(Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston) 

Moves $11000.00 and up

Phoenix to the Northeast 
(Mass., New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut) 

Moves $12000.00 and up