Saving Money With Moving Companys

  • If in a two story home, move items from the second story to the first level or garage to save move saving tips
  • Decrease move time by disassembling and reassembling items that require extra care such as beds and tables.
  • Inform the movers ahead of time about any concerns on a particular item being moved through a tight doorway.
  • Have washer/dryer and refrigerator ice makers disconnected prior to our arrival to save move time.
  • Make sure all electronics are disconnected when the movers arrive. (take a picture of how electronic items are connected before removing them, so you have a guide to reconnecting correctly)
  • Do not schedule other services or deliveries to be done at the same time of the move.
  • Make sure everything is packed and ready for movers. Have a staging area for boxes either in garage or by front door, so they can be taken out quickly.
  • Mark all boxes with what room they will be going to in the new home, so they can be easily placed in the right places.

Remember time is money the more organized and ready you are the faster your move will go.