Labor Only Moving Services

Labor-Only Moves

Maybe you already have a rental truck ready to be loaded up and just want some people to help out with the labor. Here at Midas Moving, we can help you with that too! We offer packing services and can provide you with labor-only movers to help you save time and money in the moving process. We know you have a million things on your mind as you’re prepping for a move, and we are both expert packers and safe movers when it comes to your most prized possessions and personal belongings. We are experienced movers who would love to help you out with the labor and packing side of your move. We strive to provide stress-free moves to each of our customers, no matter how much or how little we are asked to help. We are a reliable moving company who only employees experienced, professional, and safe movers, so when you’re looking for labor-only movers and/or packing services, give us a call!

Labor only moves

Labor Only

2 men & equipment (no truck) $125.00/hr. (2 hr. Minimum) + trip charge
3 men & equipment $155.00/hr. (2 hr. Minimum) + trip charge
4 men & equipment $185.00/hr. (4 hr. Minimum) + trip charge